About the Centre

The Centre

The Centre has a purpose built facility for 6 dogs, up to 22 cats and we make room for all the others as best we can.
DOGS – the kennels are indoor and heated. The dogs get out into the office and reception area, yard and dog run to play with staff and volunteers as well as enjoyng at least 3 walks per day. This way they are being socialised and not isolated and so will be less stressed at being in kennels until they find their new home.

CATS – the cat pens are indoors and heated. The cats have access to an enclosed outdoor area with climbing frames and high perches. They are allowed out into the cattery and the cat run once they have settled in and enjoy playing and cuddling with staff and volunteers.

We recognise the need to offer help to people who give our animals a new home and to do this we offer continuing support. Ideally we would like to offer training for the dogs in all weathers but need to find the money to convert the barn. So all offers of help with this project would be greatly welcome.

We also have 5 stables that we are told are second to none, and 7 fields which are available for do it yourself livery. If interested contact us either by phone of email.  All the proceeds from the livery go to the running of the centre.