About the Charity


As a local animal charity in the Scottish Borders, we are proud to have successfully re-homed thousands of animals during the past 25 years.

Our aim is very simple, to provide care and shelter for animals who need it and to find loving and suitable homes for them.

Whatever the circumstances, we support owners who can no longer look after their pet and have accommodation for 6 dogs, 22 cats, and a number of rabbits and small animals at our Rescue Centre in Earlston. Our qualified staff are supported by a dedicated team of volunteers to ensure that the animals receive the care they need, 365 days of the year. And we are proud to say that we never put a healthy animal down.

Borders Pet Rescue provides a vital service in the local community and are totally funded by public donations, fundraising and bequests. Please help us to care for animals in need by supporting us in any way that you can.


  • to promote responsible ownership of domestic pets and encourage kindness and humanity in their treatment.
  • to encourage the neutering of all pet animals not intended for breeding and to assist financially owners, who, for whatever reason cannot afford the costs of this and all other essential treatments.
  • to encourage the inoculation and booster injections of pets.
  • to endeavour to assist existing individuals and organisations in the Scottish Borders area which have similar objects to Borders Animal Welfare Association.
  • to give (as lies within Borders Animal Welfare Association’s powers and resources) shelter and care to domestic animals and wildlife, with due regard to the appropriate legislations and actively seek to re-home the former and rehabilitate the latter as appropriate.
  • to be available when required to give advice and help concerning animals in the Borders.

The charity is run by a voluntary committee of Trustees who work to ensure the most efficient and effective service is delivered to the animals who come into our care. We are always looking for people who would help us run the charity in the best way possible so a wish to help the charity is all you need and a few hours of spare time. Do give us a call if you think you could help.
The charity needs people with business, human resource, finance, media, charity shop management skills as well as plumbers, handymen, gardners, diy experts In fact whatever your background we can use your time and enthusiasm.